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Journal Entry: Mon Mar 21, 2016, 1:49 PM

A March update, since I saw my last update was from December.

Hi guys! How've you been for these past few months since I last updated? 

I've been more or less the same, honestly. Busy, but I see the light at the end of the tunnel and my commission list now has thinned out considerably compared to the end of last quarter. It's exciting. While I'm always open for commissions, I'm kinda glad it thinned out by 80% because it opens up space for me to draw some comic stuff (which I started on January but honestly got backlogged again and I kinda feel bad about that), make some print-worthy things to put in my TicTail shop as well as charm ideas (which I've been posting regularly on Twitter anyway). 

At some point last month I was sought out to do this long-term project thing which I was pretty excited about. I did the standard test run for them (draw a single character) and it was all promising up until after I finished the piece for them and then never heard back for two weeks. It was safe to assume that I was not what they were looking for but what peeves me is that they didn't have the balls or professionalism to tell me, "Hey, you know, it's not really what we expected and hoped from you but thank you for doing this, good luck with your endeavours." Instead, I was the one to give the say so, after two weeks of silence. It's pretty shitty but oh well, you know? Happens in this line of work and all. At least I'm still open to try for other long-term contracted work in the future, if anyone will find me/have me.

So... same old, same old. Trying to stream at regular times on Picarto and then some. Sometimes I spring up on not-streaming days just to chill. I find that streaming keeps me in check when working on something. You know, so I don't get easily bored and stop and then procrastinate.

Write back to me, I'd like to know how you guys are doing too. :)  

Notable happenings with me: 

  • Mark got me to start playing Borderlands 2 with him on PS4. It's really fun. I really like Claptrap. Lilith is meh. I play a siren. I'm really bad at FPS but he knew that already.
  • The charms I've made so far were pretty successful. I can't wait to make the second batch to send out. This time I'll opt for wooden charms. They look so pretty!
  • Daredevil 2 is absolutely amazing. 


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  • Listening to: Lenka - Trouble is a Friend
  • Reading: The Ocean at the End of the Lane - Neil Gaiman
  • Watching: Teen Titans Go!
  • Playing: Borderlands 2


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xX-DaveAce-Xx Featured By Owner May 22, 2016   General Artist
I just recently stumbled upon your art *u* You inspire me so much! :D Do you have any drawing tips? :) 
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StepanSJ Featured By Owner May 19, 2016  Student Artist
Good work) Like!!
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Naaren Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2016
*whistles* You should totally play league with me! :)
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aotorithebluebird Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2016
Your works are absolutely amazing >^w^<

You never fail to amaze and bring wonderful surprises :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce:
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Greenecho77 Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2016
Hi mama bear

I really like your work~ you're a really talented artist!
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