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Hi everyone!

It's that time again to update on my life and whatnot with these recaps if you don't already follow me closely on social media like Tumblr or Twitter.

As some of you might have seen through social media in the past 2-3 weeks, some of my Bliss League content was leaked on a Reddit forum and then over to Tumblr as well. The person that leaked my downloads was the same person that came to me asking if I could bundle the entire collection as it was at the time and I did so with a generous price. It turns out that he decided to leak these images little by little through a poll. To my knowledge, not all of the submissions have been leaked but a decent amount of them have been. At the time, I was infuriated and I felt taken advantage of. It's safe to say that I will never bundle the entire collection ever again due to this example; they'll just have to purchase every single issue individually. 

I've gotten a lot of flak with the way I conducted myself when the leak happened. Apparently I was being immature and a bitch (according to the Redditors) but honestly, I can't give two shits about how pouty they got with the way I acted. Reading some of the comments on the forum, I couldn't help but to be amused at how bipolar as fuck some of these people are. Some comments along the lines of "I don't even really like her art but it's dumb that she's getting mad that her stuff is being leaked" made me giggle. Like, really? And a lot of people seemed to disagree with how I priced my downloads, as they were under the impression that they were paying fifteen dollars for ONE standard resolution image when in reality, the downloads come with two images (uncensored and then explicit) and BOTH high resolution (a little over 300 DPI). 

I'm happy that a lot of people supported me and encouraged me to keep going with the things I'm doing with the shop. In fact, they've even inspired me to start a Patreon page and that's going pretty sweet despite just starting off. I still have a bit to catch up on in terms of content creating but I'll get into detail about that a little more in a few. 

Just as I was recovering from the stressful week of internet drama and flaming, my desktop decides to crap out. Again, my followers have been absolutely helpful and amazing and gave me some suggestions and insight as to what might be wrong. It's currently not fixed yet but there's a good idea of what the fix might be and I mostly leave that all up to my eldest brother since, after all, he's the one that built my computer. With that technical difficulty, it set me back a bit in terms of existing commissions (and I thank you all for being so kind and patient with me) and Bliss League and other goodies for my new Patreon followers. 

At the height of my freaking out about being stressed with the internet, school, my home life and computer problems, I decided to cash in some resources to finally purchase a Surface Pro for my drawing needs. Over all, I got a pretty good deal on one, practically a steal despite it being a pain to set up. Even when my desktop will be up and running again, I'll have my drawings on the go since the better part of the week, I'm away from home doing school things and I'll be able to work on commissions and content during my downtime on campus. 

I'm currently loving my Surface Pro. It's everything I've expected after doing a little research and having chats with a well-seasoned owner like dust-bite (which she helped me out a lot and I realized I've avoided a lot more stress if I'd have dove head-first into it). My only gripe is that I've been using a traditional tablet for drawing for quite a while now. Years. I've never had the experience of drawing on-screen up until now and while I never approached this with the expectation that it will be the same thing as drawing on a traditional tablet, I feel slightly out of my element and frustrated because it feels as though I'm learning how to draw on a tablet (in general) all over again. No one likes to feel like they're back at square one with anything, I'm sure. 

Of course, this frustration leads to another kind of frustration which is art block. I'm fixated on trying to adapt to on-screen drawing and MS5 (which I'm still trying to get accustomed to) and it's just a mess. Sometimes I push  myself too hard to keep at it and try to get over the hump because of the pressure of expectation from clients and fans alike (and rightfully so, in my mind). When I manage to take a step back before I come to the brink of tears, I realize and remember that adapting to this new environment won't happen in an instant. I have to pace myself, take my time. Yeah, I find myself more irritated and uncomfortable than any other time but trying to stress progression is counter productive. When I'm one with my new tablet like the way I am with my old one (and he's been really good to me these past years) it'll feel like such an accomplishment and I'll feel so good about getting over the hump and power through a lot of doodles. 

Avalanche and I are ready to make some new doodles together. :)
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