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Greetings everyone!

Life's been busy, as usual... Seriously, not a whole lot to report on. Patreon is going good and more importantly I've finally filtered out some overdue commissions. I should be officially done with overdue commissions sometime this weekend. This pretty much means I get to stabilize my workload and take it easier than I have been in the past six months, work-wise. 

Bliss League has officially moved to Patreon as part of the bundled rewards! The reason I made this move is because the $15 quickie bust commissions I do on Facebook keeps me afloat throughout the month during the interim with Patreon's pay-off. Also, it's pretty fun to do. And also, it makes Bliss League a lot more accessible to people but for some reason there are still a select few that like to purchase each download individually. Weird. 

I was featured for Ekko's fan art community round up by Riot so that's also pretty sweet! That and the official page for Bob's Burgers circulated this drawing of Louise I did on Twitter so that gained more exposure for me, which is always a good thing and it's nice for my self esteem and all that rot. 

I decided to be more active on pixiv these days. I'm realizing it's a good place to keep all my quality work, both SFW and NSFW alike and it's really nice. The not-knowing-Japanese and too-lazy-to-translate is kinda annoying though. 

My road to Gold on League of Legends is still pretty slow but that's mostly because of work. I'm over 100 games played in Silver 2. I was placed in Silver 1 from Gold 3 last season. So you can imagine how back and forth I've been hopping in and out of Silver 1 and 2 I've been all season, it's very frustrating. I still have a lot of time to get to Gold at the rate I play these days but uuuugh, lol. Rank is such a roulette and it's made worse because I'm a support/jungle main. Even if I do play a carry role, I get either a bad team with toxic players or my team pre-game has no sense of team comp. Sooo fun, League of Legends. =p

My son is doing pretty well! He's 3 and a half years old now and talking a lot more. His words are still a little funny and he has a hard time with his L's and Y's but this sort of thing is normal with toddlers at this age. The potty training has been the most difficult milestone for me, honestly. He used to be very interested in using his potty and then one day, the idea of using the potty causes a tantrum resistance and an insistence that he would rather not. I've tried everything in my knowledge and resource and it's very discouraging because I'm looking to get him into a pre-school program at the park district nearby my apartment and to even get him to be SOMEWHAT potty trained would be helpful. Not to mention using less pullups would save a whole lot of money. Those things are expensive! I spend about $60 a month on them. I'm thinking that the only way he'd be encouraged to use the potty at this point is if he's around other children that do it. He's not in daycare and he isn't around other children his age often, so I'm hoping that influence from his peers (peer pressure, lol) is the essential link into overcoming this milestone that's just driving me nuts. 

My brother is moving out of the current apartment I'm living in because his friend bought a house and he's renting a room out to my brother and one other mutual friend of theirs. This means I'm taking on the entire rent myself, which is fine, but that mostly means less money to set aside to save for and cutting back on a lot of things such as eating at restaurants with my boyfriend, buying makeup and buying toys and daily donuts for Nathaniel. Still, it was such a pain to live with my brother because he was such a slob and it became costly having him around because of his cut hours. He would eat a lot of the groceries I would buy and contributed very little to maintaining the apartment (throwing out the trash, buying cleaning supplies, toiletries, cleaning the bathroom, etc etc...). Love my brother to death but family become roommates really fast under those circumstances. I wish him the best for his new home and roommates on July though. 

So that's pretty much what's been going on with me. Not very interesting, I know but I rarely post anything on Deviant Art to begin with so I owe it to some people, should they stumble upon my journal entry, to get a good idea of what my artist life is like in somewhat detail. 
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